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Youth Programs

One-on-One Mentors

Our one-on-one mentor program is a weekly, individualized program serving children in grades K-12.  The mentors spend a minimum of one hour per week with their student, engaging in activities they mutually enjoy while encouraging the student in their academic, social, and personal endeavors.  From hiking, bowling, playing board games, to traveling and exploring caves, arts and crafts, you name it... they have been doing it!  These partnerships are definitely loving all the fun!

Girl Talk

"Girl Talk” is our nine-week program designed for girls in the fifth and sixth grades. Topics covered include relationships with peers, friendships, family, diversity, body image, self-esteem, and being a girl. The purpose of the program is to promote youth, family, and community growth and resilience by offering programs that create, restore, and sustain healthy relationships.  Girl Talk sessions are held from October through December and again from February through April.  There are currently 23 girls enrolled in the February to April session.  These girls are very talkative and enjoy sharing their stories. It is now also held in North Lake and Paisley.   

Team Mentors

We provide monthly team mentor nights in three locations in Lake County to children in grades 3th-8th, offering a time of learning and fun. Our team mentor nights are held monthly.

Lakeview: Lakeview team mentor activities are offered to students in grades 3th-6th.  Third and fourth grade students meet on the first Thursday of each month at AD/Hay and walk to DMS from 2:30 to 4:00.  Fifth and sixth grade students meet on the second Thursday of each month at AD/Hay and walk to DMS from 2:30 to 4:00. We currently have 55 Lakeview students enrolled in Team Mentoring. 


Union: Union team mentor activates are offered for grades 4th-6th and meets the third Thursday of every month. 

Paisley: Our Paisley team mentor group is for 4th-8th grade. 

North Lake: North Lake mentor activities is for 4th-8th grade. 

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