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Become a Mentor

What is mentoring?


Mentoring is simple, yet powerful. It’s about friendship, learning, and connections.
Consistency + respect = friendship. You do what you already do—just with a youth.
Sharing what you know + trying new adventures = learning from one another.
Youth + connections = educational, family, and community success.

What is the commitment? 


One-on-one mentoring: Minimum of one hour a week for one year.
Can you do more than one hour? Absolutely!

Team Mentoring:  Lakeview:  Two hours a month from 2:00 to 4:00 for nine months.
                                  Paisley:  Two hours a month from 4:30 to 6:30 for nine months.
                                  North Lake:  Two hours a month from 4:30 to 6:30 for nine months.

Girl Talk:  Two hours a week for each nine-week session from 2:00 to 4:00.  First session - October through December.  Second session - February through April.

What skills do you need? 


  • Desire to help youth

  • Desire to have fun

  • A big heart

  • Patience

  • Perseverance

  • An open mind

  • Willingness to listen

  • A cheery smile 

What’s in it for you? 


  • You get to be a “hero” and you don’t need super powers, tights or a cape!

  • You make new friends—you can never have too many friends.

  • You will help improve your world, your community, and your life—one youth at a time. 

Mentor Program Brochure

Mentor Application

Top 10 Reasons for Becoming a Mentor


#10 - Finally, an opportunity to wear your tights and cape!
#9  - ​You will have a youth who thinks you are totally cool.
#8  - A chance to be a kid again and have FUN.
#7  - You will learn something new.
#6  - Seeing the world through younger eyes can change YOUR outlook.
#5  - Successful youth = successful communities.
#4  - It’s a powerful way to change the world–one youth at a time.
#3  - You can help a youth recognize his or her potential.
#2  - Being a “Hero” is awesome!

......and most importantly

#1  - You can make a difference in the life of a youth! 

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