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Youth Mentor

Positively Change Lives


Mentoring is simple, yet powerful. It's about consistently showing up and building a relationship through shared experiences. It’s about learning from one another, and increasing connections to school, family, and community.


Developing a mentoring relationship means being a positive role model and spending time together building trust and mutual respect. Mentoring can take place between two people, within a small group of two or three people, or in large groups.


A strong connection between an adult and a youth can build confidence and encourage the youth to build  connections elsewhere – in school, at work, within the family, or in the community. These connections are vital to a young person’s  development and  success.


The ultimate goal is to encourage academic and personal success.  To reach that goal, the mentor will  focus on developing skills such as good boundaries, time management, improved study habits, strong communication, positive peer relationships, and respect for self and  others.

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